December 14, 2022
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Staying in shape and keeping fit is an important aspect of managing a healthy life.

Coast2Coast Fitness is a family and veteran-owned local gym that many Las Vegas residents flock to in order to maintain this healthy lifestyle. Owned by the Rodriguez family, Demi and Alejandro, Coast2Coast’s goal is to help the members reach all of their fitness goals and help promote health and wellness in the Las Vegas community.

With a wide variety of cardio, weightlifting, and even personalized training equipment and services, members of Coast2Coast have ample opportunities to reach any goal they aspire to reach.

Coast2Coast Fitness’ name comes from the owners’ origins. The family is originally from New Jersey and took a leap of faith by moving to the opposite coast for the military, to Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It seems as if a lot of residents in Las Vegas are not from here,” said Alejandro Rodriguez, “We all have one thing in common and that is getting out of your comfort zone to make a difference in your life and (in) others.”

In 2018, Coast2Coast Fitness started as an online training and fitness apparel center. In 2019, the Rodriguez family was blessed with the opportunity to open the gym in Las Vegas, locally in the Centennial Hills neighborhood. As personal trainers and small-business owners, Demi and Alejandro truly care about the health and wellness of the community. “The family neighborhood vibe gives our members a sense of comfort and lets them enjoy their time at the gym and working out,” said Alejandro. “It is an uncrowded atmosphere, making it comfortable to work out and have your own space.”

The sole purpose for starting Coast2Coast Fitness, was to help, educate, and promote health and fitness in the community. It has since become successful with more members joining every month. The fitness center has more cardio machines than anyone can imagine. From ellipticals and treadmills to stationary bikes and more. The center also has free weights, cable machines, and barbells.

For Demi and her husband, making sure their members are comfortable is a big priority. Gyms can be intimidating and hard to get into a fitness routine, especially when people have other obligations such as  family and work that can keep them from working out. At Coast2coast Fitness, they want all the members to feel like this is their home gym. The fitness center does not compare itself with the bigger gyms because at Coast2Coast Fitness, their members are truly a name and not a number.

Being veteran owned and operated is an important aspect of Coast2Coast Fitness. When the owner, Alejandro, was in the United States Marine Corps, he found his passion for personal training by helping fellow Marines get back to their correct standard weight. After being discharged, Alejandro continued to gain more knowledge for future clients and to help them reach their full potential.

Coast2Coast also offers protein, pre workout, BCAA and more. All of the supplements can enhance focus, energy and also maximize full potential. Coast2Coast’s products are FDA approved, third-party tested for purity and proudly made in the USA.

“Doing what I love to do every day is a blessing and being able to help people is what Coast2Coast is all about,” he said.

With nothing but a dream and courage, the owners of Coast2Coast Fitness believe in every client, and know that every individual can reach their goals with hard work, never giving up and not being afraid to take a chance.

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